StreetTrend LLC is a house of new global businesses and brands in the men’s and women’s fashion and streetwear sectors, with a focus on footwear ranging from sneaker to lifestyle categories for the consumer who wants fashion, technology and fit. StreetTrend currently designs, markets and sells high-end shoes under two brands, PS821 and P448. In addition, StreetTrend developed a design and creative services group with a network of experts and facilities to leverage shared knowledge, industry experience and best-in-class resources to create shoe collections for other Brands.

about us

The next step in the evolution of the StreetTrend LLC brand portfolio is broadening the current PS821 offering – further developing the new line to become a true lifestyle brand focusing on modern day and contemporary dress as well as casual categories. The core fundamental drivers are a focus on European craftsmanship, great design, social awareness, sustainability, fit and comfort. The brand offers a democratic sizing proposition for men and women with extended sizes and widths in a variety of silhouettes. PS821 continues to develop micro-capsules and stands true to its the ethos of conscientious and compassionate communications.

Resources include human talent, superior supply chains, factories in Italy, Spain, South America & China as well as experienced logistics teams and global shipping capabilities. StreetTrend LLC aims to change the industry perspective on design cadence. Buying and delivery of products will tie into the new extreme consumer purchasing cycle –not the traditional two season fashion calendar. The consumer wants the right products for the right seasonality and brands mustkeep up with the ever-changing demand. In the $80B footwear space, few brands are keeping up with the change that the consumer now expects.

StreetTrend LLC operates through global facilities located in USA (New York, NJ, Florida) Italy and Spain.