StreetTrend LLC is committed to caring for our Earth by launching initiatives for each of our brands. Below is a short highlight of each of those initiatives.

P448 Initiatives

The Re:new Capsule debuting in 2020 is made with at least 50% natural recycled leather fibre, the production of the Re:new sneaker collection dramatically reduces levels of waste, consumption and energy that go into traditional leather production. In an innovative and sustainability-focused process, our Re:new sneakers are made from discarded scrap pieces left over from traditional leather production. The fibres of this leather are combined with synthetic fibres and woven together in a process called ‘water fusion’. After undergoing various finishing phases, including pigmentation, the end result is a single material roll. Re:new unique leather reduces environmental impact by 80% by drastically cutting back on the levels of waste, consumption and energy that goes into traditional leather production.

Ongoing Initiatives:
Through its philanthropic efforts, PS821 has partnered with  to donate to a percentage sales and make an impact on bettering thEarth. The brand also launched a completely vegan collection in 2019 which featured vegan terry cloth materials.

Global Initiatives:
As part of PS821’s commitment to environmental efforts, the team launched an awareness and donation campaign for the devastating Australian wildfires. The campaign generated over 1 Million Global Impressions raising awareness on this issue.

PS821 Initiatives